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Why Move To The North End Of Boston?

Over the years at we have rented many Boston apartments in the North End. I actually lived in the north end for about 3 1/2 years and rented myself. Actually as I’m writing this it came to my mind that my grandmother who just turned 90 was born in the North End of Boston, lol. Here are some things to expect if you are thinking about moving there or maybe just want to go out for a nice Italian dinner.

First if you are looking for a Boston Apartment and are looking for the most bang for your buck when it comes to square footage the North End is not your spot! That is a very drastic understatement, my first apartment in the North End was no more than 350 square feet and my rent was $1,450.00 and that was five years ago. That same little old Boston Apartmentprobably is renting for closer to $1,600.00 now and they most likely removed the closet to try and get another apartment in the building! If you are not used to square footage let me add a disclaimer to the above statement for your reference. In a normal suburban home the general rule of thumb is a bedroom should be no less than 12×12 or 144 square feet. To make the math easier let’s just multiply by two and add a bathroom and there you go. Two 12×12 rooms and a bathroom all for the bargain price of 1600 or so, oh and I forgot to mention parking is not included. I rented a spot for about $350.00 dollars per month, lol.

Okay with all that said living in a Boston Apartment in the North End was one of the best experiences of my life. Why you might ask after reading the above paragraph? For a lot of reasons, starting with the fact that located within a third of one square mile is one apartment after another with people in their twenties and thirties. Second if you work in Boston, having a Boston Apartment in the North End most likely means you can walk to work in under twenty minutes. Third, the nightlife is fantastic, if you get tired of all of the fine Italian restaurants and small bars simply walk over to faneuil hall or the Beacon Hill Section of Boston. Last and certainly not least is the fantastic food. There are currently over 100 great Italian restaurants in the North End of Boston.

Lastly there is nothing like walking through the North End of Boston on a nice spring day or in the middle of the winter, where else can you take a leisurely stroll down the middle of the road.



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