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Tips on decorating your Boston apartment on a low budget


Home decoration for Boston Apartment


The most important factor after moving to a Boston apartment is the decoration. It is crucial to give your place your own touch. This does not mean that one has to spend a fortune getting the place decorated. There are simpler ways of doing that without going over your budget.

Shop for decoration pieces at the local Swap Meet

Swap Meets are a great place to find some good bargains. One can find some interesting stuff which can be used to decorate an apartment. It’s a good place to find good paintings, pictures, lamps etc. at a bargain price. The great thing about bargain items is that they tend to give your apartment a lived in look as they do not look brand new.

Use removable wallpaper or decals

It’s not a good idea to use permanent wallpaper in your rental apartment as it will not be easy to remove. The best way to avoid your landlord’s wrath is to use removable wallpaper to add a touch of style to your room.  Not only is it easy to remove, but you can try different styles.

Change the ceiling and lighting fixtures

If you don’t like the lights or any of the ceiling fixtures, replace them with something brand new. This can make your apartment look alive. It also changes the décor of the flat. Just make sure that you retain your old fixtures if you are renting a Boston Apartment.

Use a full length mirror

A full length mirror will add more depth to your apartment and make it look bigger. There is no need to buy an expensive mirror when you can easily find one online or your local swap meet/flea market.

Build your own artwork

If you don’t want to buy expensive artwork, why not simply make your own? It would give your apartment a nice personal touch and allow you to choose what you want in your art.

Get some plants

Bringing plants into the apartment gives it a nice touch. Not only does it make the apartment look good, but it is also healthy. Just make sure that you get plants which do not need sunlight all the time, otherwise they will die quickly.

Get rid of the clutter

It helps to get rid of excess items you do not need. Make sure you remove all items which you no longer use. There is no need to hold on to them as it’s simply known as hoarding. If you are able to keep the items you need, your apartment will look more presentable and you will have more space.

Cheap Furniture

Cheap furniture can be quite helpful if you are on a tight budget. Just buy an old sofa from a swap meet or Craigslist. Make sure that it suits your needs. Getting it cleaned and reupholstered is cheaper than buying a brand new sofa. You can do the same thing with your current sofa and it will look brand new.


We hope you liked our tips on decorating your Boston Apartment on a low budget.



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