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Things you should never say when renting a Boston Apartment

Renting a Boston Apartment is an interesting experience as you will face a lot of rejections before you be accepted somewhere. Just because you found the right place, does not mean that you are a shoo-in. even if you have the right personality, a perfect record and good bank statement, you could say something to jeopardise your chances. This is a list of things you should not tell your Boston Landlord if you want to rent that Boston Apartment.

  1. Speaking ill against your current landlord

When you find a Boston Apartment, your potential landlord will ask you why you are moving. It is an important question as they want to understand the reason for your move. It could be that you need to move closer to work or that you are moving from some other city. However, you should never tell him that you are moving if you have a bad landlord. Even if you are in the right and have a reason to leave, it is not a good idea to mention it as it will look like you are a bad tenant. It’s better to go with simpler answers which don’t make you look bad.

  1. Be sensible when it comes to questioning the landlord

When you are looking to rent a Boston Apartment, ask the right questions about the place. Just don’t go overboard with your line of questioning. The landlord will see it as a sign that you are bad news and that you like to complain a lot. It helps to ask questions about amenities and what sort of features the Boston Apartment has. Nitpicking about everything is a bad idea and will not get you that Boston Apartment.

  1. Pets

If you don’t have a pet and are considering getting one when you move to the Boston Apartment, then don’t reveal your plans. For starters, you should just make sure it is pet-friendly so that you can consider making a move. Some Boston Apartment building managers don’t like puppies as they can damage the property. Once you have lived there for a while, it will make sense to let them know.

  1. Don’t mention your partner

If you have a partner who does not live with you, it’s not a good idea to leave him/her out of the conversation for the time being. It’s a different story if you are moving in together and are on the lease. Boston Apartment landlords are wary of other people staying over at the property as they haven’t done a background check on them. It is also very difficult to evict them as they have no grounds. So just don’t mention it till much later.





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