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Boston Apartment: Red flags to note when picking out a Real Estate agent

Nov 14

  Finding a new Boston Apartment can be quite a challenge especially if you are new within the market. Even though there is plenty of information available online, it makes ... continue

Gift funds for a Downpayment for a Boston Apartment

Oct 31

  The best gift ever is to get money for a down payment for a Boston Apartment  but you have to be aware of the IRS rules so that everything ... continue

Stop smoking if you want to sell your Boston Apartment

Oct 17

Stop smoking if you want to sell your Boston Apartment A lot of home buyers will only buy a place which is presentable and does not smell. The number one ... continue

Three signs you can’t afford a Boston Apartment

Oct 10

  Buying a home of your own is a huge moment in your home. It doesn’t matter if it’s a house or a Boston apartment. The only issue is that ... continue

Boston Apartment: Four factors which won’t affect your mortgage application

Aug 21

  There are certain factors which result in a mortgage (for a Boston Apartment)  from prospective lenders. These factors are credit score, stable income, debt levels and the amount of ... continue

Boston Apartment Real Estate deals which can fall apart

Jul 23

  The most important thing to remember about getting a Boston Apartment is that  a sale is  not complete till the deed is recorded. However one can be prepared to ... continue

Boston Apartment: New Owner Costs

Jul 16

  You may rest easy thinking it will be easy after you got your Boston Apartment after a great deal of research, committing funds to it and running around.  However ... continue

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