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Things you should never say when renting a Boston Apartment

Jun 25

Renting a Boston Apartment is an interesting experience as you will face a lot of rejections before you be accepted somewhere. Just because you found the right place, does not ... continue

Getting a Boston Apartment with a Low Credit Score

Jun 11

  You can get a mortgage with poor credit but then that doesn’t mean that this is something you should go for. The best way to improve your standing is ... continue

How to get a Boston Apartment with a Felony Charge

Feb 5

  It is very difficult for people with felony convictions to rent Boston apartments. Usually people can’t be discriminated on a number of levels. They can discriminate based on your ... continue

Fast Downsizing before a move to a Boston Apartment

Jan 8

  Sometimes you need to move to a smaller Boston Apartment because of certain constraints. This means that you will have to downsize to be able to live there. Sometimes ... continue

Boston Apartment: Renting in an Expensive city

Oct 31

    US renters tend to spend around more than 30 percent of their income on housing. This can also be valid for Boston Apartments. There seems to be a ... continue

Benefits of Solo Renting a Boston Apartment

Sep 21

  Living with roommates can be quite chaotic and troublesome at times. Not only do you have to share your Boston Apartment with a stranger but you also have to ... continue

Renters are you ready to buy a Boston Apartment?

Jan 9

  It is not easy for renters to buy a home  (Either a house or a Boston Apartment)  especially if there are hurdles in their way. However if they follow ... continue

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