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Take inventory before moving to a Boston Apartment

Oct 3

Moving to a Boston Apartment  is never fun because it requires a lot of hard work, heavy lifting and making sure that nothing gets damaged during the move. It does ... continue

10 ways to customize your Boston Apartment Rental

Jun 12

  People usually don’t tend to decorate their Boston Apartment rentals especially because they think that they don’t own it. The great thing about rentals is that there are many ... continue

Tips on decorating your Boston apartment on a low budget

Jun 3

    The most important factor after moving to a Boston apartment is the decoration. It is crucial to give your place your own touch. This does not mean that ... continue

Spice Up Your New Apartment With Colors!

May 15

A rented apartment comes with many restrictions about how much you can change to the property itself. Many tenants feel that decorating a rental would mean a lot of planning ... continue

Wall Decal Decorating Ideas for Children’s Rooms

Nov 5

Decorating a child’s room does not have to be expensive or difficult if you know what you want. Whether it’s a kids’ bedroom, play room or reading room, they can ... continue

Home Decor Ideas For Your Rented Apartment

Aug 23

For many people, renting an apartment in Boston is their first step to home ownership. When it comes to the decor of your rented apartment, you are limited by the ... continue

Start an Indoor Garden in Your Boston Apartment

Aug 6

Just because you live in a Boston apartment, it does not necessarily mean you can’t have a garden. Many people have experimented with (and succeeded) growing their own little indoor ... continue

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