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Renting a Boston Apartment? Did You Smell it?

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Yes, you must smell it. When you enter a Boston apartment, what is the first thing you smell? If you smell a lot of air freshener, be afraid, be very afraid. That air freshener was sprayed for a reason and you need to identify that reason before you sign a contract.

If you are a home owner who wishes to sell or rent out their Boston apartment or someone who’s just looking to buy, smells from previous tenants or owners can be a source of great heartache. Smells like pet odor, cooking smells especially curry and cigarette smoke are some of the most common culprits and many tenants or owners have found their removal to be quite expensive and time consuming.

Odors in an apartment or a house can be quite the turn off for potential buyers and tenants and something that could have been a very good deal will go sour because of the odor. Some owners employ lots of odor masking techniques during home and apartment showings thus fooling people into not noticing them.

Once the new owner or tenant moves into his shiny new Boston apartment, they realize the smell has made it inhabitable. So what can you do? Here are some tips.

  1. Clean out all the walls, floors and ceilings. For a home that has seen heavy odor misuse, you might have strip down your floors to the floor boards and then clean them. Removing the padding under carpets is extremely important because odors tend to permeate these and stay there no matter what you do.
  2. Repaint the walls and use Kilz primer on all painted surfaces. This will seal in the odor so you don’t have to smell it.
  3. Wash or dry clean whatever you can. If you can’t wash or dry clean it, throw it out.
  4. Clean every inch of the kitchen with a vinegar and water solution. Look for grease buildup on the stove, behind the fridge, under countertops and behind the stove. Scrub it all clean. The only grease you need to get rid of odors is elbow grease and everything else must go.
  5. Clean out all air ducts, heater filters and vents. Smoke, fumes and grease can stay clogged in your vents and if you aren’t thorough in cleaning them, the odor will not go away. It would be better to replace your normal filters with washable heater filters so you can wash all the odor off them.

Try these simple tips to have a brand-new smelling Boston apartment and let us know if they helped. What tips would you suggest to get rid of unpleasant odors?




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