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If you are looking around for an apartment to rent in Boston, you have probably been to a number of open houses by now. Open houses can be very helpful when it comes to deciding which apartment to choose.

Property management companies in Boston often organize open houses so potential tenants can visit the property and look around to see it for themselves. However, what most open house attendees often overlook are some essential questions that should be asked to make sure you do not regret your choice later.

Here are some questions that we advise clients to ask their agent or check for themselves when visiting an open house for an apartment to rent in Boston.

Connections in Apartments for Rent

When looking through apartments for rent in Boston, or any city for that matter, it is important to check how convenient it would be to stay connected with basic facilities. Make sure you check the following:

  • Does your cell phone work?
  • How close or far is the nearest bus stop?
  • How close is the nearest shopping center?
  • Does the land-line phone work?
  • Are the bills paid?
  • How many electrical outlets does it have?
  • How is the elevator? How fast is it?
  • IS there an elevator?
  • Is there a doorman?
  • Who gets deliveries from the door when you’re away?

The Views From the Apartment for Rent

  • Can you see the bathroom while sitting in the living room?
  • Can you see your neighbor’s bathroom from your living room window?
  • Do the windows open?
  • Do the windows close properly?
  • How much fresh air can you get?


The Nitty Gritty

  • Where can you hang your laundry?
  • Check under refrigerator, kitchen sink and cabinets. Are there any holes for rodents and insects? Droppings, holes and other signs of insect or rodent infestation are usually missed during cleaning in these areas.
  • Is the neighborhood noisy?
  • Is the neighborhood safe?
  • Has the apartment ever been broken into?
  • What are the neighbors like? Ask around, after or before the open house to get a sense of your potential neighbors and the neighborhood. You’d be surprised at how willing some people can be to talk about problems that they have to face. But be careful not be too nosy or you get thrown out.
  • Will pets be allowed? If you don’t like pets, you might not like that your neighbors have pets.


Whether they are apartments for rent in Boston, or houses, these questions could help you form an informed decision about the property. Do you have favorite questions that you like to ask when visiting an open house?


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