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It is a terrible feeling losing out on that perfect Boston apartment rental you were eying. You spend a lot of time searching for the perfect apartment and when you do it’s like you can’t think of anything else. Unfortunately finding the perfect apartment does not mean that you will get it for sure. There are a number of hurdles in place which could be a deterrent in your quest to get the apartment (mold, lead paint, and other applicants).

This is why it is important to do your homework so that you look like a suitable tenant for your prospective landlord.


Set a budget:

It helps to set a budget so you can live within your means. There should be enough money for you so you can pay for the utilities, security deposit as well as monthly expenses such as transportation, bills, groceries. It does not make any sense to get something out of your price range


Be professional:

In order to get the perfect Boston Apartment rental, you need to prove that you are the best candidate. Landlords always screen tenants to make sure they are responsible, pay the rent on time and take care of their place.

It would be beneficial if you are courteous when you contact the landlord. This helps set a good impression. An indifferent attitude will only move you down the list. If you are invited over for a viewing appointment, make sure you are on time and dressed in business casual attire.

 Do your homework right by bringing all documents required:

Fair Housing laws prevent landlords from discriminating against tenants, so it is a matter of first come first serve (depending on which one meets the requirements first).  Make sure that you come with your full residential history (current and past addresses, dates of residency, rental rates, and contact information for your past landlords).

Your employment history will work in your favor as the landlord will know that you have the means to pay your rent. Include your entire employment history with the details of your previous and present employers’ names, addresses, phone numbers, salary details and dates of employment.

References are a great help, so make sure you bring the names and contact information for at least three people who can vouch for you.

Do not be alarmed if the landlord asks you for your credit score and history. They need to do a credit check on you to see if you are a suitable candidate. If you do not have a good credit score, let your landlord know upfront. You can also ask if you can get a guarantor or a co-signer for the lease so that it may help you get the perfect Boston Apartment Rental.









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