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Getting a Boston Apartment with a Low Credit Score


You can get a mortgage with poor credit but then that doesn’t mean that this is something you should go for. The best way to improve your standing is to minimise your expenses. So you should opt for renting a Boston Apartment so that the costs are much lower.  Yet there are some people who are also unable to rent a Boston Apartment because they have bad credit.

Check your Score

The first thing you need to do is to check your credit score so you can apply for a Boston Apartment. There are some credit scoring companies online which will allow you to look at your report. You can correct any errors, if there are any.  The best solution is to get a credit report from the three biggest credit companies: Equifax, Experian and Transunion. You will be able to get a free report from each of them. Compare the information in all three so you can get a better idea.

Be Upfront About Your Credit

Honesty will help you go a long way when you rent a Boston Apartment. Let the building society or Boston Apartment manager know the circumstances of your bad credit score. If you have had a period of unemployment which affected your credit, then let him know. It could also be related to your medical bills which may have affected everything. If you are making the effort to pay off your debt, bring proof of it to show to the landlord. You will never know if you might get lucky and get that Boston Apartment you are looking for.

Show Your Income

It helps if you are in employment and getting an income. You can get a letter of employment from your workplace, which shows your salary. This will prove to your landlord that you are capable of paying your rent. It helps if you also bring in your tax-returns from the previous years. If there are any issues with your credit report which you are disputing, do bring proof. It helps if you are a two-income family as this will strengthen your chances.


It also helps if you always paid your rent on time at your previous places of residence. So make sure you get a letter of reference from your previous Boston Apartment landlord or building manager. They can also vouch for your behaviour and that will reflect well on you.




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