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Five Things to Know Before You Rent a Boston Apartment

know before renting boston apartment

If you plan to rent in Boston, an apartment is perhaps the best way to go. With the rising cost of housing and rents, apartments offer a much more affordable and convenient living option than complete houses.

Boston has seen a rise in people interested in renting ever since the mortgage prices started going up, this means, the rental market probably has a limited number of options and you had better hurry up if you want that beautiful Boston apartment you set your eyes on.

Before you rush in to sign that lease for your new Boston apartment, there are a few things you need to know to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

Rapport with Boston Apartment Landlord

The relationship between you and your landlord is going to be a long one, depending on the length of the lease. If the landlord develops negative feelings due to your behavior or actions, you might risk losing the deal altogether.

Both parties need to develop trust in each other in order to ensure that the relationship is smooth sailing all the way. As a tenant, you should try to be polite, respectful and mindful of the small details like pestering with irrelevant questions and asking for special discounts etc.

Start the relationship off on a good footing and be on your best possible behavior.

Open House Questions

When you visit your potential Boston apartment, make sure you ask the right questions. Questions you ask at an open house will greatly help you in determining the suitability of the apartment for you and your family.

For example, make sure you take note of any strange smells in the house. Your nose can be your best friend when gauging whether the house has problems like termites, pet smells, cigarette odor etc.

What is Included

Make sure you find out what will be included in the rent. For instance, heating, air conditioning, electricity, water, internet connections and cable are some of the things that are often provided in Boston apartments and may be charged for separately instead of included in the rent.

Read the Contract

You would be surprised at how many people often overlook to read the lease contract. The document is very important and each element must be read and understood. Some things to watch out for are:

  • Length of lease
  • Additional privileges granted to landlord like unannounced visits
  • Policy about guests and pets
  • Who handles repair cost
  • Any vaguely worded requirements

Although the above is just an overview of some of the things you should know before you rent a Boston apartment, it does give you a general idea of the kind of things to look out for. Do you have any tips that you’d like to share with other potential tenants?



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