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What’s Closed and What’s Open in Boston During Govt Shutdown

Oct 2

Answering the question about why the government shutdown would require a long re-telling of a tedious tale and you can read a full account at CNN here. In short: Republicans ... continue

Home Inventory Decline!

Oct 13

In a blog post by they have found that the inventory of homes for first time home buyers in certain parts of California have dropped by over 50% in ... continue

Section 8 Housing, Should You Apply?

Sep 27

Zillow had an interesting blog post yesterday posing the question is the section 8 housing program good for landlords?  I think like with most things there are pro’s and con’s ... continue

Lennar – The Housing Market Has Stabalized

Sep 24

Home builder Lennar recorded earnings recently stating a 44% jump in new orders and net earnings. Lennar for those who do not know are one of the many publicly traded ... continue

Supply & Demand, Boston Apartments Continue To Soar!

Sep 23

It always amazes me to watch TV, listen to the radio or seemingly more importantly the conversation that ensues at social gatherings when it comes to Boston Apartment prices. People seem so ... continue

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