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10 ways to customize your Boston Apartment Rental

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People usually don’t tend to decorate their Boston Apartment rentals especially because they think that they don’t own it. The great thing about rentals is that there are many ways to give it your own personal touch without violating your lease agreement or going overboard. The following is a guide on how one can customize a Boston Apartment to give it a personal touch.


  1. If your apartment has high ceilings, use that to your advantage by building storage sections above your kitchen cabinets. This will give you more room to store stuff and you don’t have to cede any place on the ground.
  2. Most rentals look dull because of the wall to wall carpeting which is already in place. The best way to deal with that is to use rugs over the carpets and next to your furniture. You can also use bright accents to give it a new look.
  3. The great thing about modular furniture is that it does not take up a lot of space. You can easily split it up and spread it across your apartment.
  4. One issue with rental apartments  is that some can come with  interesting color schemes. The best way to work with that is to get accessories which work with those colors rather than against it.
  5. If you are facing storage issues, you can always get one of those fancy storage units which look like decoration pieces. One can keep those decoration pieces in the living room and be able to store things within them.
  6. Artwork will give your Boston apartment a personal touch. The only issue is that they might leave holes in the wall, though it can be fixed with some basic tools. If your lease does not permit holes in the wall, you can always use hanging strips.
  7. If you are permitted to pain your apartment, try and choose a neutral color as it  will give the apartment a fresh look.
  8. Rentals usually come with ugly fixtures which can be quite an eyesore. The best idea would be to use nice curtains, panels and shades to give it a new look.
  9. If your apartment has ugly ceiling lights, you can replace them with something more stylish. Not only will it give everything a new look, but it will also be easier on the eyes.
  10. Kitchen renovations don’t need a lot of work. Make small but subtle changes to your kitchen and it will look your Boston Apartment look brand new.







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